Business Blitz- South Albert Edition

Small businesses are the building blocks of Regina, Saskatchewan. They are everywhere! And thriving too. The BST 20 students took the initiative and created our first field trip of the year where the BST 10 students split into groups and walked to The French Press and Cade Style Lounge.

The French Press started out as a part of the Java chain in 2004 and then went independent. The name was a struggle to come up with though. Owner Laurel Dupuis, assistant manager/head chef Amy Hutchison, and a few other individuals brain stormed and came up with three names. After still not being able to come to a consensus on the name on this new coffee shop, they decided to let the customers decide the new name. After a few days, the customers chose…The French Press Coffee and Tea Co. This adorable coffee shop appeals to all ages and all demographics keeps everyone coming back for more. Not only do they make their brews locally, but are currently working on an original French Press brew as well. Also, they are famous for their latte art. The French Press is the perfect place to grab a coffee on the go or to sit down with old friends and chat over a frappe or two. Whatever the occasion, The French Press is your destination.

Amy Hutchison (left), Laurel Dupuis (right)

Amy Hutchison (left), Laurel Dupuis (right)

Cade Style Lounge, the sister shop of Coda Clothing and Shoes, has the perfect mix between trendy clothes and investment pieces to wear everyday. Colter Wood owns Coda Clothing and Shoes, which used to sell men’s and women’s apparel but an expansion was needed because of all the business Coda was receiving. That is when Cade Style Lounge was created and Amy bought into the business. Cade sells a lot of local designers from 22 Fresh, Alexandra Jewellery, and many more. Cade’s taget audience is about ages 15-25, and boy did they nail that audience on the head. From street style to the office, Cade Style Lounge has it all! Tops, bottoms, jackets, shoes, and jewelry galore. This is a store where you can purchase extraordinary pieces at an affordable price. It is a woman’s one stop shop!

The inside of Cade Style Lounge

Cade Style Lounge

The Business Blitz was a great success and I learned so much. It’s a shame that Earls was not a part of the mix this time. It would have been great to see how a successful chain restaurant ran its business. Other than that minor set back, it was a wonderful experience and I cannot wait for the 13th Avenue Business Blitz.


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