The Art of Critiquing Presentations

As most of you know, business is all about interacting with others. Face-to-face, video chat, email, texting, tweeting, and the ever present presentation. Most people would like to think that you can slap together a presentation using PowerPoint or Prezi in a matter of minutes. Those people are what I like to call wrong. Creating a visual aid to go along with your words is a very effect method to get ideas across smoothly to your audience. Some presentations are marvelous and are very memorable, while others obviously fall short off this goal.

Not only is important in business to know the power presentations have. Not only must you be able to deliver presentations, but you must also be able to see other peoples mistakes so that you know exactly what NOT to do. In class, we were to choose a presentation on and critique it based on factors like: color scheme, visuals, use of text and font, their main point, and quality of their overall work. My favorite presentation was 12 People Proving That Content Marketing Is More Than A Buzzword.

The introductory slide.

The Introductory Slide

In this presentation, I really admired the authors use of high quality images to capture the readers attention. Also, the presentation was kept consistent on its theme of using dogs and having a city snapshot as their background. Although they did not use much white space to emphasize their words, none of the slides were distracting. The visuals and the text worked in unison with each other. Each picture used was relevant to what was being said on the slide, and they were able to slip some humor into it, which I also liked. Every slide was concise while still being clear on what the point was. Something that may have otherwise been overlooked is the fact that, fonts and the backgrounds changed when the presentation reached its critical point (ei. slide 12 and 13).

There was a lot of effort put into this presentation, and the end result really displays this effort.


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