Tweetchatting in the Twittersphere- A New Way to Collaborate

As of late, our Business and Social Technology 10 class participated in a tweetchat with Hoover High School as a part of our collaboration project. What exactly is a tweetchat? A tweetchat is basically a virtual gathering using a specific hashtag to identify the tweets belonging to the chat. It sounds scary and slightly intimidating, but is really a fantastic way to voice your opinions on a topic that you are passionate about while seeing other peoples opinions on said topic.

(Check out Hoover’s business educator on twitter @GerriKimble)

With the topic of our tweechat being based on digital citizenship and how our social media presence affects our personal and professional lives, there were a variety of different perspectives that needed to be taken into consideration. Should potential employers or colleges be allowed to view our social media sites to determine whether we are qualified? What do we want our personal brands to say about ourselves? Subtweeting: yay or nay? As a new member of the twittersphere, it was fantastic to see how everyone’s views were put into 140 characters. Learning to collaborate via Twitter was a blast!

The best part of this tweetchat was watching as community members got involved on the conversation. It was not solely directed toward business students a part of the class project, but towards anyone on Twitter who may have stumbled upon our hashtag #camhoobiz.

A fun thing that our business classes  could do for the next tweetchat is to have the moderator answer their own questions at the end of the chat, or to have some of the students take turns hosting a tweetchat on a topic they are interested in to really get a handle on both sides of a tweetchat. Knowing how to be both a leader and a follower breaks the barrier created by misunderstanding and shows that there it is hard work needed by both parties for any business interaction to work.





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