Started With a Necklace, Now We’re Here!


Wascana Lake in Regina, SK

The capital of Saskatchewan, the 16th largest city of Canada, is unique from any other city. Regina is nestled in the south central region of the province, surrounded by farmland, agriculture, and an abundance of oil and gas. Our population of 194, 971 residents and temperature of approximately 22 degrees Celsius in the summer and -11 degrees Celsius in the winter months (not exactly, as of late) attracts many workers and home owners to our quaint city. This makes for a great combination because a rush of workers plus a bounty of new jobs being created equals a booming economy.

In Regina, the economy is growing and growing strong. Even though the city is growing, the small town charm and optimism is not spared. If the anticipation of 7000 new jobs being created by the end of 2016 isn’t enticing enough, then the estimated job growth rate of 2.3% in 2014 just might be. Moreover, if you want to live in a city with the lowest unemployment rate in Canada, then Regina is the  metropolitan city to be! But with low unemployment rate comes great waves of newcomers. 4750 newcomers in the year 2012 to be exact. Regina specializes in some of Saskatchewan’s most important industries such as business, arts, finance, public administration, etc. The over-looked aspect of Regina that has single handedly built this city’s economic advantage are the small businesses. Regina is rated the 3rd overall best entrepreneurial city in Canada for 2012 as stated by the CFIB (Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses). Entrepreneurs drive the job creation, productivity, and economic growth. This is true for every community.

Tori Dundas- Entrepreneur/Owner of Alexandra Jewellery Co.

Tori Dundas- Entrepreneur/Owner of Alexandra Jewellery Co.

Tori Dundas, the owner of Alexandra Jewellery Co., has done this for the community of Regina. Tori has had a passion for jewellery since a very young age when she sold her first piece of jewellery at a Sunday flea market for 50 cents. After graduating from the University of Regina, she was to attend a networking event and needed a necklace to wear. In order to have an original and unique piece, she created her own. And this was the start of a successful career for Tori as a jewellery designer.

In the spring of 2011, the Alexandra Jewellery Co. was born. Realizing that this was her passion, Tori attended the Gemological Institute of America in Manhattan, New York to further her knowledge and skill in jewellery design. As a woman working in a competitive field, Tori needed to have an advantage to draw potential customers to her designs. Fortunately, this subtle supremacy has been with her all along. The power of women and encouraging confidence in women of all ages is a not only good for building a self esteem, but it is apparently good for business. Tori has displayed that if you are passionate about something and follow your heart, great things will happen.

Running a business is great for yourself, but when you prosper, it is good to give back to the community that helped build you up. Sticking to that good conscience, Tori Dundas has volunteered as board director for the Globe Theatre since September of 2012. She was also a Bilingual Basketball Announcer for the Jeux du Canada Games since 2005, a Co-Chairperson for the Black/ White Fashion Night for MS Society for five years now, and a Ride for Research volunteer for JDRF Canada. Even her business has made a partnership with Red Cross. Each year, Alexandra Jewellery Co. designs a bracelet where all the proceeds are given to the Canadian Red Cross. As Tori would say…why not give back to the community, and help others look beautiful doing it?

Red Cross Partnership- Shop Red Cross to give back.

Red Cross Partnership- Shop Red Cross to give back.

You can find Tori Dundas or Alexandra Jewellery Co. on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Remember, passion and determination will always work in the end!