Love At First Spike

As a 16 year old girl, my life revolves around a few things. One of them is volleyball. For five years now, this has been my favorite sport. I play competitive volleyball with both my school and the Rhino’s Volleyball Club. No other sport has given me the same rush of emotion as volleyball has given me. Your team isn’t just your team anymore; they become a part of your family.

Rhino's Volleyball Club

LVC Rhino’s 15U Division 2 Provincial Champions-2013

In volleyball there are six positions needed. Basically there are two or three hitters, a setter, and two or three players passing. The goal of playing volleyball is to pass the ball to the setter, the setter sets the ball to a hitter, and the hitter spikes the ball to the other team over the net. Even though it sounds simple, there is more to it than the fundamentals. Volleyball is a game of chess…you need to know what your opponent will do before they know what they’re doing. You know you’re watching a good volleyball game when it looks a little something like this.